Friday, January 1, 2016

* Happy 2016 * One Little Word 2016 *

Happy New Year!
It has been very very long time ago since I last blogged. And every year, at the end of the year, I think I will do it more regulairy the new year. So I also did this year :) We will see how it goes.
I found the word Lovingly as my One little word for 2016.
The story behind my word; last year was a big struggle with being in depression and burn out of which I am still recovering. Depression was getting me more and more tighter in it's hold until I didn't know any better than feeling like I did. Now I have the choice to keep in this pattern or keep fighting hard and harder against it. Do I want to stay bitter or do I let love again in my hard. I want to be more lovingly. Towards people. Which I haven't been the kindest and nicest of most fun person to be around the last year. But also more lovingly towards myself. Respect who I am, what I stand for. Love myself as I am while I work hard to get better and work hard to improve myself. So I was thinking on lovingly thinking, behavior and such and than it struck me as I read Ali's blog that this was my Little word. (I had totally forgotten about it before)
Cheers to the new year!!

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