Saturday, January 30, 2016

* Quiet *

Again it's Five Minute Friday time! I checked the promp on Twitter Thursday already so I had some more time to think on it and plan my photo around the them. Now is the case that this photo is in my head for weeks already, so it was about high time to get this shot.

So here goes:

I am and have Always been a quiet person. An introvert, not staying in the front row. Not much of a talker either. I leave that to other persons, mostly much better at it than me. I like the quiet, the still, the time alone with my own thinking and wondering. Enjoying music, enjoying a good read, enjoying still life photography, enjoying walks or bike rides, enjoying breathing in the Woods, enjoying nature and flowers, enjoying surfing the internet and reading and learning new things. It's amazing.
Quiet doesn't mean boring, or alone or lonesome. The quiet is bringing peace to mind and soul. Time to recharge the batteries again. So you can go about into the world with energy.
Now being ill, I am definitively planning more quiet me time. Simply because I need it and do better on it.

I start to enjoy this weekly writing. Still struggling to find words and text and fill the 5 minutes. But keep on trying :)


  1. Hi, Miranda, I love this phrase, "breathing in the Woods". So poetic. You're right, quiet gives us the strength to move into the noise. Praying the quiet is healing for you in your illness. Just keep writing. Yes! So glad to read to your words. -Christina, in spot #16 this week

  2. Miranda, you sound like a kindred spirit.:-) Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Visiting from FMF.

  3. great thoughts. I'm new at the five minute fridays. But this challenge is good. It helps us as we try to form our thoughts into beautiful encouraging words. Keep it up.