Sunday, February 14, 2016

* focussing on the positive *

Again Friday came and went away, I had no time to write the previous week for 5 min friday. So I am writing it now.


Focus on the best part of your life instead of the worst. Everything you give your attention grows. If you focus to much on the parts in your life you don't like it will go in power and strength until it overwelms you. Try instead to focus on everything you love, everything that makes you smile. Even if it's as small as a morning coffee, birds whistling, the smell of fresh mown grass. Currently I am working hard on to following my own advise. I will admit it's not Always easy, but as goes with everything practise makes perfect. But who needs perfect anyway?

The other part of focussing is the meaning it gives to me for photography. Aim the camera, focus and push and the click resonates in the air.
Slowly I am trying my hand at it. I have loved it in the past. Hopefully not everything has died along with the depression. But I am still not feeling it. It gives no pleasure like before. I don't fall in love with a photo I took like I used to before. But as with everything, time heals. Just keep trying, push yourself forward but all with in reason and what feels ok. Not good, not perfect, not bliss, but OK the rest will come in sweet time.

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