Friday, June 26, 2009

* does it get any worse? *

There are bad days and there are even worse bad days but yesterday and today are a dissaster.
Yesterday the news break that one of my best colleagues won't be getting a new contract @ work. I was numb shocked when I heard it. It is unbelievable and such a mistake to make. He has knowledge about almost everything and has a lot of experience. Besides that, he is a nice guy and really good to work with. I can still hardly believe it....
When the current contract ends at 1 sept next, he won't be working in our office anymore. Really good colleagues I have had over the 7 years and 3 months, I can count on the fingers of one hand and he is one of them. So it is really sad, he will be out of work in times like these and my other colleagues have to take over his work along with the work which already fills up more than their official working hourse. Normally I won't fear, he will find a new good job soon, but in economical times like these, it get me quite worried. I really hope it will turn out for the best.

Also this morning I read the news that Micheal Jackson - wacko Jacko - the king of pop - has died. I wanted to check my mail for the track and trace number of a parcel and my eye fell on a photo of Micheal Jackson and I read the headline, saying that he died. At first I thought it was a bad joke, but I decided to read the article anyway. I couldn't believe it, I was shocked to read Micheal Jackson died.
He suffered a cardiac arrest and was brought Thrusday afternoon to the UCLA Medical Center. The tried to revive him for an hour, but failed. The authopsy is planned for today, but outcome could take weeks. And of course as famous people die, they bloom. In Micheal's case all of his CDs where sold out in today and yesterday.

Today the new bedroom furniture arrived. It looks beautiful in the room, but there is always a but. The closet and cabinet are askew, not lined out properly. One door is already broken out of the closet while opening. Drawers are not closing properly. We already contacted BETER BED, and have to wait until a service mechanicer comes by. And of course that will take weeks, then if we need new panels or what ever it will take weeks again............

My lens arrived.... no cannot tell anything more because I have to clean and try it on my camera first.

I went through my left foot this afternoon, must have made a wrong move or something, I do not know. I cannot recall it. But my foot hurts a lot and is swollen quite a lot as well. (since 2 days my left knee is also in bandages because of pain and swollen)

So all bad come in 3?? Well it's even worse than 3..........

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