Sunday, June 21, 2009

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I have been vusy lately but not with scrapbooking and or cardmaking. I have been going out and enjoying the good weather, but also watches some movies, did a lot of reading as well.
One of my new favorite movies will be Australia with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. Such a beautiful breathtaking story. Only the part when the World War II is brought in, I like less, but the rest is worth well.
Just yesterday I saw Yours, Mine & Ours; a very funny family movie. Not much depth and of course the stories quite familair. Mom and Dad are single and with 10 and 8 kids. They get married but the kids don't like each other and don't get a long. After a while they decide to work together to drive mom and dad apart. Surprise, surprise, the kids really start liking each other and when the succeede that mom and dad seperate they will do anything to get them back together again. But still a feel good movie and certainly good for some laughs. I like Dennis Quaid, think he's a good actor.
And then there is Girl with a Pearl Earring; nice but not worth recommanding. The acting is very good thought because there is not much usage of words only mimick and body language and that was good. The story line for me, was weak though.
About a week ago I finished the first book I ever read of Loes den Hollander, I can hardly wait to read more from her. A good story, you think you know it all, but the outcome is totally different than I expected.
Currently I am re-reading Het Achterhuis by Anne Frank again. I cannot remember how old I was when I first read it, must have been 12 or 13 years. I think everybody knows it and has seen movies made from it, but reading the book it totally different. You really get to know Anne and how she thinks and feels about what is going on around here.

I will leave you with some layouts, this one is finished already some time ago. Not too happy about it; think it's too basic and the ribbons take up too much attention.
Last week I collected some photo printouts from the store. It included some Easter photo's. This one layout about the Easter Hightea, I like much better. You will recognize the October Afternoon Ducks in a row papers, from some posts ago. The paper is really beautiful and nice to work with. I like the yellows, so fitting for Easter. I hope I have enough left to make 2 more layouts because that's how many photo's I still have left; one about the brunch and one about the flowerdecorations.I was planning to go to Sandsculptures in our neighbourhood, but it was really bad weather. In the morning I first when to the city to buy a blouse, and got in rainshowers. I thought I would be lucky on the way back but no, I went home in the rain. The afternoon it also continued raining, so I decided not to go. Also this sunday is not very good weather. Then it's raining and then the sun is shining again. Next week thought, the weatherforecast says, the summer will start with high temperatures. Not that I am looking forward to that...
Coming Friday they will come deliver the new bedroom furniture. I can hardly wait. Of course I will put some photo's up to show how it looks. It will be nice to have everything in the closets again and the bedroom will be neat and tidy again. Hopefully I will find my Tokina 12-24 mm F4 lens again. I cannot seem to find it anywhere.....

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