Monday, June 22, 2009

* free class * my new lens (or almost) *

I just signed up for what looks like a great new class from Jessica Sprague and best of all it's free!
The registration is now open until 28/06/09, on July, 6th the party begins! Can hardly wait. Best of all, yesterday I ordered my new Tamron lens; 28-75 mm F2.8! I have thought long and in length about a new lens and almost went for a Marco lens because that is also something I would love to try. However this is a handy lens for "landscape/Scenery" and portrait and the lens is quick (F2.8!) Can hardly wait, I hope it will arrive this week still. I would love to use it this weekend @ Goor and next weekend @ Warmelo.
(Think the Marco lens will find it's way to me sooner or later, first now what I need is a good camerabag!)

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