Monday, June 1, 2009

* Huis Diepenheim *

We wanted to visit Castle Warmelo on Sunday to visit the gardens. However there was a Horse riding game going on and we decided to go for a bike ride instead. We went to Huis Diepenheim to take some shots of the nature, not knowing that we would end up in the middle of horses. I took some action shots. Not to my satisfactory of course, but not bad since I never take action shots. Some shots of Huis Diepenheim.

We definitively go back to take a photoshoot there and of course to visit the gardens of Castle Warmelo.
The bike ride was about 40 km or so, I am not sure I would have to check. But we were exhausted when we came back home. Deadly tired and we didn't cook an evening meal (very bad :) )
Watched the very latest episode of Life & Cooking. The company I work for delivered the SEQ bags the people in the audience got. It should have been filled with SEQ items, but it wasn't the case so what has happened?
Today it's still a day of and I stayed at home, doing some little jobs; worked on sorting out my photo's; Did a little photoshop; blogged; Watched TV, some internet surfing; I created a new blog header from one of the photo's I took in Boomkamp Gardens, don't you love the look? It could be of a France country side :)
After today, there will be no more long weekends with extra free days.... not until X Mas....Too Bad.

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