Sunday, June 28, 2009

* School en Volksfeest *

Today I went to the School & Volksfeest, and I took my new lens with me. The photo's are the same quality as with my normal zoom lens, so that is disappointing. However, next weekend I will re-try again at a castle and I think then it will be a top performance because than I can take the time to make good photo's. Now you have to rush because the next group is already coming.
These photo's I take every year, since I go to this party every year. But this time it was really disappointing. I say this every year but so bad as it was this time has not been before. I went through last years photo's and it was much better. This year the theme might also have been too difficult to come up with nice subjects (Them is work)
Anyway, my foot, which I wrote about the other day, has swollen up real bad, I cannot fit in my shoes, so I am sitting behind my pc with the feet on a chair and a cold compress to hope to put down the swelling so I will be able to fit properly in my shoes tomorrow. It is worse than yesterday. I don't have so much pain but it is sensitive and also my ankle and a little from my leg is swollen. You can feel there is water in it or something..... Also my left knee is still hurting and I carry now for the 4th day the bandage. Hopefully it will become less next week.
So much for the nice weekend.

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