Sunday, June 28, 2009

* Test photo's with new lens * Just like heaven * De Verbouwing *

When Friday the lens arrived, I couldn't wait until I could try it out. But of course I had no time due to the troubles with the closet (which only have become worse over the 2 days, the closet it totally not straight and the other door is also not closing properly and the backwall and sidewalls are all askew!!! We will call Beter Bed again tomorrow, because this closet must be replaced completely)
Saturday I went to the woods to test the lens Tamron 28-75 mm F2.8 and I think it's a good lens. I like it most with smaller lens opening (but that's just me) I think it functions good and I like the crisp colors with this lens. See for yourself with the picitures below. I sometimes miss the large zoom I have with my other lens, but I have to learn to be creative and use available options. This afternoon I will try it out in Goor and that will be the real test.
I which I had bought a polarisation filter with this lens at the same time....
Currently reading the latest novel from Saskia Noort; de Verbouwing. I think it's a less story compaired to the other books - terug naar de kust & nieuwe buren - I read from her. I am halfway through and now the suspense starts to creep in bit by by.
Yesterday I watched a movie Just like Heaven with Reese Whiterspoon (i like her ever since Legally Blonde :) ) and Mark Ruffalo. A nice romantic movie with occasionally a good laugh. She is a sort of Ghost (she is in coma after a caraccident) and he has rented her appartment where she appears and disappears in front of him. He helps her finding out what is going on with her and of course she awakens from her come through a kiss of him, buttt she doesn't recognize him at first. That only comes later when the touch hands again.
Predicatble, but still a good movie to watch.

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